Lay Snow Trap

Lay Snow Trap
Lay Snow Trap

Deploy a Snow Trap relic on an adjacent space. (Snow Trap - This relic has Shadowspawn (This unit comes into play Stealthed) and Arctic. When an enemy unit moves within 2 spaces of the trap, all champions within range take 8 Frost damage and become Frozen 3 (This unit has -1 DMG, -1 DEF, -1 SPD). This damage ignores DEF. All effected spaces become Deep Snow (Impeding 1) for 3 turns.)

Cooldown: 3 AP Cost: 0

Champions with Lay Snow Trap

Champion Faction
Ferren Ninja Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Yeti Ambusher Savage TundraSavage Tundra
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