Lay Trap: Poison Cloud

Lay Trap: Poison Cloud
Lay Trap: Poison Cloud

Lay a Poison Trap on target adjacent space. Next time an enemy champion enters that space, all spaces within a range of 2 are covered in a poison cloud until end of the next turn. When a champion enters the poison cloud, it takes 6 Poison damage and becomes Poisoned 2. This damage ignores DEF.

Cooldown: 2 AP Cost: 0

Champions with Lay Trap: Poison Cloud

Champion Faction
Marsh Warden (Rank: 1) Forglar SwampForglar Swamp
Mounted Sauropod (Rank: 1) Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Poison Elemental (Rank: 1) Forglar SwampForglar Swamp
Skeezick Bolter (Rank: 1) Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Skeezick Trapper (Rank: 1) Sundered LandsSundered Lands
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