This champion may disengage the turn it becomes Engaged and disengages for 0 AP.


Champions with Mobility

Champion Faction
Ancestral Avenger K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Bliss The Muse K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Centaur Interceptor K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Centaur Skirmisher K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Condor Fury K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Drakon Ironfist StrongholdIronfist Stronghold
Draksar Explorer Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Dreadnought Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Dreadwing Forglar SwampForglar Swamp
Elven Bard K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Elven Treecaller K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Executioner Forsaken WastesForsaken Wastes
Executioner Forsaken WastesForsaken Wastes
Ferpent Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Ferren Pouncer Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Glacial Titan Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Great Eagle K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Grekin Forsaken WastesForsaken Wastes
Griffin Rider Ironfist StrongholdIronfist Stronghold
Gronk Rider Ironfist StrongholdIronfist Stronghold
Jakei Frostbow Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Jakei Wingmaster Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Kanen Scavenger Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks, Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Krikkinwing Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Lightning Elemental Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Marsh Gargantua Forglar SwampForglar Swamp
Moga Cannon Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Moga Creeper Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Moga Hooligan Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Moga Trailblazer Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Paladin Commander Ironfist StrongholdIronfist Stronghold
Paladin Commander Ironfist StrongholdIronfist Stronghold
Polar Ant Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Rolling Shrieker Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Royal Condor Fury K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Salaman Dervish Forglar SwampForglar Swamp
Scythbill Sundered LandsSundered Lands
Skeletal Raider Forsaken WastesForsaken Wastes
Skeletal Raider Forsaken WastesForsaken Wastes
Snow Rhea Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Strig Galerider Savage TundraSavage Tundra
Voil Bomber Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Voil Frenzy Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Voil Lancer Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Voil Lifestealer Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Voil Progenitor Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Voil Transporter Shattered PeaksShattered Peaks
Warcaller Fiorn K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Wild Elf K'thir ForestK'thir Forest
Wizened Wren Savage TundraSavage Tundra
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